Christopher Pitt

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The Write Guy

I write. I'm a technical writer by day, I write stories by night, and jokes every now and then. I write online help and documentation for Dimensional Insight's Workbench product. I write stories for fun, mostly, but sometimes for sharing.

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Dimensional Insight Workbench Help

Since I began my current role at Dimensional Insight in 2021, I have been in charge of adding new content and updating existing content for the help site for Dimensional Insight's Workbench help.

Kerbal Space Program Guide

This capstone guide for my PWTC course combines the skills I had learned over the course of two years in the form of a guide made in MadCap Flare for the video game Kerbal Space Program.

MadCap Flare Guide

A guide for MadCap Flare. The purpose of the assignment was to write a user's guide for Flare using the software itself. This was a group project where I wrote about a third of the content and did most of the design.

Other Writing

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

I have written multiple humor articles for the website McSweeney's Internet Tendency, about technology, politics, the intersection of technology and politics, and soup. A link to my author profile is below.

Star Words: A Select Etymology of Terms Coined in Science Fiction

A Senior bachelor's degree thesis. This thesis focuses on exploring the conceptual history and etymology of words that are coined in science fiction and then used outside of science fiction.


Released on September 22, 2020, I was a contributing writer for the video game Pendragon from Inkle Studios. Part of the game features "Campfire Stories", essentially a short story anthology framed as tall tales told around a campfire. I contributed the story Woe.

Other Work

Nitpicking Nerds Video Editing

I edit videos for the Magic: the Gathering YouTube channel The Nitpicking Nerds. These videos provide advice for playing Magic's Commander format and are done in a "talking head" style.

Star Wars Game

A very prototypical pitch made for a Flappy Bird/Helicopter side-scrolling game. At the time, with The Force Awakens coming out, this was simply given some Star Wars-ish art assets and loosely made to resemble a scene from the only trailer and source material we had to work with at the time. Made with Phaser.js, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.